Think wise

Nothing seems to be going well
Oh god these attractions
Are so much of distractions
No! You dont want to end in hell
You want the pleasures of world
Even thou you know these are temporary,
Allah the almighty owns this world
He will put it to an end
And you can’t think through your memory,
How on earth will u defend
You think of sucide?
Maybe that will help
In the drak grave u will fight
Wanting some light
Wishing someone will help
When you will find Munkar Nakeer
On your side
Are u ready to face allah ?
Have you done enough to please
Will you get jannah
will angles ease
Or your worldly pleasures
Will lead you to hell
Fire which is without measures
Imagining yourself fell
In the blazing fire
Doesn’t it make you quiver?
Its hight time we think wiser
And follow the right path
Who knows if there is a tomorrow?

elica frank