it makes me want to run away to a place where I will find peace.
The crippled indian mentality of some people has started to suffocate me the way they preach all their old tradition mixed with their mentality and then name it religion.
I have always wondered back in Saudi Arabia that why such a beautiful religion as islam has sooo many enemies,why soo much hatred,why so many controversies . But just in 12 months I have got all my answers ;
Its the hypocrisy of people and when they can’t take the blame they shove it away in the name of religion.
I have always seen people of different religion approach me in a sweet manner and people of my religion look at me with those judgmental mindsets. Just because I come from a religious background I don’t understand why people expect me to be picture perfect? I mean get real mature im a human being and humans do make mistakes , im in my learning process I didn’t learn everything up there and come .let me get this clear I have my own ideologies my own theories and im in my learning process do not blame my religion my moral values and upbringing in everything. We simply cannot judge a person without knowing the situations,the conditions and we don’t have slightest idea of what battle they are fighting.
Also I really don’t understand the free advise people give . Like I have
invisible checklist. and its like the same old I told u tradition mixed with a little indian mentality and named as religious and respected people category.  every person here wants every girl in india to go to school get a normal degree less expensive than her brothers , graduate , get married and have kids . And surprisingly thats what some girls what and some accept it because they have no other plans or they can’t speak for themselves.
But I don’t and im not a product on an assembly line. Instead I have created my own list of goals and ambitious that reflect who I want to be.
I had it enough of what she might say what he might say . Now im going to work for the dreams I have been seeing all my life and wait for the same poeple who criticized me come up to me to celebrate my success.

elica frank