Maybe ?

think we should leave this here now. I think this silence shouldn’t break anymore.
Words unspoken should be left like that forever.
For there are some things in life which can never be explained. And when you try further to explain words fail to express. This love which we have illuminated as sirenic or straight out of a fairy tale needs no emulation.
Let go of this feeling and emotions no matter how difficult it is at the moment. Perhaps it is our destiny.
Have faith in your lord ; he definitely has some plan instore for you if he has brought you here he will surely guide further. And you will be thankful for this in future.
But this moment now let go all the feelings ;
don’t let love turn into hatred , don’t let judgmental vibes take over.
Even if the sword is piercing through your soul ; even if your heart is dripping blood. Be patient , it is a sign of true love and for now just let go.
-elica frank

elica frank