the vision blurring out and darkness enveloping around me and then when I opened my eyes a new surrounding, to bright for my eyes and an empty room with a chair beside me and a bed on which I lie. The doctors came running when they acknowledged that im awake ,  the white bedsheets looked horrifying I don’t know why. The moment I try to move my hand the needle irks ; I look up following the pipe attached to the needle and again a drip of gulocose it is.
im getting quite used to this. Maybe this is becoming a part of my daily routine.But then tonight is different not my room to comfort me with his memories , not the same pillow which I flood eveynight with tears and yet again it welcomes me every night , not the same clock which he cursed for being too fast when we were together and I don’t even have the book in which every page has a different story of us.
Like I said tonight is different I lay here in this bed looking out of the window ,the moon seems to be whispering to the sun ‘even being miles apart u make me glow. I’m bright and beautiful because of you’
Maybe just maybe ur the moon and im burning myself so that in the darkness one day u will glow. I want you to see beyond the blazing fire the undieing irrevocable love hidden.
-elica frank.