Society taught me being normal is more worthy than being happy.

people usually donot care when you aren’t happy or when you are hunting for happiness. But sure eveyone has something or the other to say when you change your behavior from being normal.




When I looked into those eyes I was reminded of our happy times and how things we never imagined happened. I wanted to scream at him or rebel  or fight with him blame him , but all I did wath.jpgs sit there looking into his eyes finding answers to my question. For I couldn’t speak out loud as words fail to form. I sat there wanting to hug him because I knew he would hug me back with the same affection and love which will mend all my broken pieces. But life at present was turbulent and I was not suppose to be shatter again after mending. I know he wanted to turn around and just kiss me , but it seemed so terrifying and enticing at the same time. He kept looking away and I kept playing with my hands which again reminded me of how beautiful my hands fit into his , how our fingers intertwine together. I couldn’t bear it anymore I was suffocating with sadness. I walked away from him realizing all the odds and how love trolled us .                They say it wont matter in a  year , but what if it does ? what if it still matters ?  what if i still miss him ? what if i still want him  to be the one to hold me when I’m sad or i have the best day and immediately  want to tell him?

Its the greatest tragedy of all. Two people who love each other can never be together. Fate plays dirty games and cupid smirks at us.