Destructive kind of love ?

They say all is fair in love and war. I love him unconditional and I didn’t fall in love with him , I walked in love with him taking my own sweet time eyes wide open and in all my senses. I didn’t fall in love with what he looks like or what he does. I fell in love with him because of the way he makes me fervent and gives me the seventh heaven feeling. But things change bright day turns into dark night. The leaves turn from lucent green to  yellow then to orange. He has changed , his ways have turned from loving to hurting. Maybe destruction is his kind of love now ?  But they say you do not destruct what you love ? Maybe theres no love left ? Can destruction and love not exist together ? Just like pain and pleasure ?  But honestly  i don’t mind destruction anymore as I am in love with his destruction also.



14 thoughts on “Destructive kind of love ?

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  2. This would is just beautiful. This took my breathe away and you did such a wonderful job telling this story of destroying love you endured. This is an awesome post. You wrote this so well, it hurts.

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  3. I would start with giving a disclaimer that I’m very realistic and practical. According to me, as a feminist, I strongly believe that a woman should not be with a guy who doesn’t respect her anymore. Millennial are strong enough to live their lives without a man. Destruction for me sounds like I’m losing self-interest and self respect. The concluding line of the blog sounds to me like an ultimate power given to a person (a man) to destroy myself (a woman).

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    • “Ruh e manzar bhi kya khub banaya mere khuda ne,
      Kaynat ki tarakki rakhi aurat ke kadmo me,
      Magar fir bhi bewakoofo ko lafz diye sawal uthane ke liye iss manzar me,
      Ruh e manzar bhi kya khub banaya mere khuda ne…”
      Thank you for your words but I would like to add in the end that “feminism is a perspective and writing is an art not all get it”.


  4. Even if destruction is the only way, love is worth it. As you said, pain also provides pleasure and satisfaction in many things, so even destruction can be lovely B)

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