She can never be me 

She is not me and never will be me. She won’t get excited about seeing you and counting months then days then hours like me. She won’t pretend to act cool while her insides are on fire like me. She won’t pull you closer in a seductive way and wipe of the sweat on your nose and stick her tongue out to distract you and then push u away like I do. She won’t stay awake all night just for a text from you while you’re busy partying with your friends like I do. She won’t say I’m not mad at you while she is mad at you just because she is afraid of ur anger like me. She won’t sit and imagine gifting you a cat and laugh to her self dreaming about ur expression at 3am like I do. She won’t pretend that it doesn’t hurt while it’s killing inside like me. She won’t agree to everything you say in a blink of eye like I do. She’s won’t get mad at you because you slept in the middle of the conversation , then find it cute and funny and type out long cliché good morning texts for you to wake up to like I do. She won’t look at everything you do behind her back cry alone and act unaware in front of you like I do. when you ask her to write a love letter she won’t fill 72 pages like I did. she won’t go to the kitchen just for you and feed you with her hands the uncooked and overcooked food like I did. She won’t go numb and blank when u surprise her and later send you apologies for her reaction like I did.  she won’t give up in her dreams but keep motivating you like I did .  she wont be all broken herself but lecturing you to be strong like I did.

You sure must dream about you and her together but she will never be me. The sad part here is by the time you realise it will be too late.



12 thoughts on “She can never be me 

  1. This is so sad and true at the same time.
    No better no best can replace anyone. You are what you are. You were what you were. No one can have the same impact never. Your Expression✌

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