My sapphire

I met him out of the blue at a very captious time in life. When I was all broken , my trust on people fading and my desire to be alive was almost dead. He came along being all to common to notice, but somehow his wired jokes made me laugh till I forgot all the sadness my life was filled with. The more I got to know him, the more clear it became the two of us belonged together at some point.Not as lovers.Not as friends.Not as soulmates.Not as family. But something totally different. Something based on mirth meant and  fulfillment. I love how on my grumpy days he pulls all the stars down and brings to me just for my smile or to calm my cranky rants he brings ice creams at 3 am.  I remember when we got to know each other he thought I’m pretending and I thought he is faking it like a pro – how we row in the same boat, how we love the same things, how we are so broken by attitude and egoism, how we both were drunk with idea of love and romance . But with time I realize everything happens for a reason. What if we failed in friendships what if we failed in love what if we are tired of being the only one pulling things together what if we are broken on the insides but laughing on the outsides. We will make this happen.  We will make us happen . The weird us. The child cries . The ugly laughter. The unlimited hearts along with curse words. Because u make me feel complete and together we are complete and swithe. Without promises I know I can count on you for more than forever.  I don’t know if this makes me believe in destiny, or fate, or mere coincidence ; but it definitely makes me believe in something blue.




12 thoughts on “My sapphire

  1. This post is so full of emotion.
    Who doesn’t want something blue ? *wink wink*
    Love ur work elica frank .


  2. Hello,

    This is beautiful – just like all of your pieces. I love how raw and sincere they are. There is honesty and truth in them.

    Looking forward to reading more of you.



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  3. Lucky and blessed are the people who have someone in their life like that you have described.
    Even I from today believe in something blue. Good work Elica. Looking for more.


  4. I always enjoy readin ua blogs infact everything u write is smthg sensational n stunning. I alwz fall in luv wid ua words again n again. U hv dat extraordinarily amazing way of writing things in truthful,factual yet amusing ways. It seems I can always identify experiences in my own life with those you describe.💙 Your articles help me realize that our problems are typical, and we can solve them in constructive ways. Well ua blogs alwz remind me dat every cloud has a silver lining…

    Thanku n keep these astonishing blogs coming💙

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