Self love feels

I want to write myself a beautiful poetry just like how I write for the person I’m in love with.

For once, I want to hold myself tight just like how I comforted my friends when they felt low and frustrated.

For once, I want to accept myself and my flaws just like how I accepted other people’s imperfection.

For once, I want to make myself happy just like how I cheer others when they’re sad and disappointed.

For once, I want to be appreciated for the good I have done and not judged by my mistakes.

For once, I want to give myself assurance that I can do things just like how I believe in other people’s capabilities.

For once, I want to love myself genuinely just like how I give love to other people who were there for me.

For once, I want to focus on myself, I want to rebuild what I’ve lost and to recover what I have threw away about myself, about me.

Today, I feel that putting yourself first was never wrong and will never be wrong, putting yourself first is another way of saying

 “I love me, I can do this with the help of myself”

-Elica frank