When I told him we are so different actually different aint even a word we are exactly opposite. He always said with his perfect smirk ” baby opposites attract , trust me we are just perfect.”

 But then with time..

 I realized that people grow and learn because of each other’s differences. People learn to appreciate other people because they make the effort to understand them and get used to their differences.

I learned that he and I got too comfortable with each other to the point where we thought that it’s okay for us to do these little things that we thought wouldn’t hurt the other. I learned that although we had so much in common, we still had so much different views and opinions. I learned that it’s wrong to pretend that you know or understand the other person in hopes of impressing them. I learned that in a relationship, it’s wrong to force myself into liking the same things as you do just so that it would seem like we still have this connection going on between us.

-elica frank


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