let me help you ease the pain

Why can’t you see your true value? I can’t understand why are you hating yourself? You’re one the bravest person I know and seeing you giving up never fails to break me apart.

I will never get tired of admiring your smiles, your eyes, the furrowed of your eyebrows and the every details of your face but why are you calling yourself ugly? Why are you mistreating yourself? Why are killing yourself? Why are acting like you wanted to disappear?

You don’t have an idea how much it pains me. I love you and I hate seeing you like that, I hate seeing you in your most vulnerable situation, I hate seeing you breaking down from the pain you’re feeling inside.

Let me enter your life please? Let me enter your heart? Let me enter and explore what are the thoughts inside your mind? I don’t want to see you in agony, I don’t want to see your tears falling, I don’t want to see you screaming and slowly dying.

Let me help you please? Let me heal you, let me hold your hands so that I can lift up your spirit, so that I can make you happy. Let me hug you please? So that I can take away those heavy baggage inside your heart, so that I lessen the pain you feel inside.

Please don’t, dont think twice to come and call my name, don’t think twice to look in my eyes whenever you need me, please don’t think twice to ask for my help because I am more than willing to help you, I am more than willing to hold you, just let me in, just let me.

I don’t want to see you giving up okay?
And don’t ever think that I will get tired of hearing you out
You’re loneliness is one of the things I love about you
Every inch of you and your whole being is accepted by me
I love you, I will help you.
I love you, and I will do everything I can to make you feel better.

I love seeing you at your best, promise I will save you from your vulnerable and broken state.