Let me paint you a picture🎨

If I painted you a picture, i would make it look like –

There would be swirls of a color matching to your eyes, there are no names that we could create that can describe the complexity of that color. The gentleness of that color. The dangerous gleam and glow of that color.

There would be wisps, like strands of clouds, dancing throughout the page. It’d be the soft color of your hair. A mesmerizing tango of various hues of honey and bark.

I’d create a new art style to fit the sound of your voice. It’d be dark and tempting, lustrous and beautiful. A ballad that no musician could compose.

If I painted you a picture, I’d laminate it with fire and glass. Because you burn to the touch and cut with a temper. Because you’re see through without knowing it. Because you keep me warm. Because I love you, and if I painted a picture it would have to be as warm, as temperamental, as sharp and as clear as you.

But i wont paint a picture of you because no great artistic skills would do justice to the beautiful deatils in you ❣️

-elica frank