It’s like I can feel the distance grow and

Overlap the borders of my senses until

All I know is perpendicular lines crossing

Once and then trailing off into oblivion

Never meant to intersect again.

But we’re not perpendicular to each other

It’s almost like the lines were meant to stray

And then they turned back on their trajectories

To find their purpose in their meeting place

The only time they feel they mean something.

The city shimmers at a distance and I know

You shine like the skyline in the moonlight

And it breaks my heart to think that we’re on

Different sets of wheels being drawn apart

When the only place where I feel purpose is

At the junction of our lines, enveloped in you.

Maybe this distance will take us in opposite directions .

But nothing can alter forget alone the ending of this unconditional and eternal love !

– elicafrank