Im choosing ME

Dark and lonely nights sad all by my self i wiped my own tears.

Tried of being broken from within i compel myself to be my own reckoning for happiness and endeavors.

I held my hand to chase whats desired and to snatch what i deserves – to break down the delusion of meant to be.

I held my own swords to fight the demons of what ifs .

I taught myself to be content with my loneliness and have somehow transformed it into strength and self-love.

At the end of each day it’s just you by your own side.

I learned to be my own hero my own strength my own guidance and hence im growing and i will continue to grow with me by my own side and no longer hankering approvals from others.



I’ll be here. I’ll be waiting for you

Hey, it’s me. Sorry we haven’t spoken in a while. I guess I don’t find it easy knowing what to say.’

‘No problem. Take as long as you need.’ He holds the phone, suddenly breathless, heart beating so loudly he is sure she can hear it.

Two hundred miles away she sighs and looks upwards at the pink sky to stem the tears that seem to have fought their way to the surface despite her struggle.

‘I’m sorry. I really am sorry. And I need you to know that I do love you, I really do. But I need to sort out myself before I go messing up your life again. Is…is that okay?’

Without even realising he exhales slowly, exhausted, and reaches for the glass bottle on his bedside.

‘Sure. That’s okay. But I just want you to know- I’ll be here. I’ll be waiting for you. Whenever you need me.’

Her voice cracks.

‘I know.’”

– elicafrank


It’s like I can feel the distance grow and

Overlap the borders of my senses until

All I know is perpendicular lines crossing

Once and then trailing off into oblivion

Never meant to intersect again.

But we’re not perpendicular to each other

It’s almost like the lines were meant to stray

And then they turned back on their trajectories

To find their purpose in their meeting place

The only time they feel they mean something.

The city shimmers at a distance and I know

You shine like the skyline in the moonlight

And it breaks my heart to think that we’re on

Different sets of wheels being drawn apart

When the only place where I feel purpose is

At the junction of our lines, enveloped in you.

Maybe this distance will take us in opposite directions .

But nothing can alter forget alone the ending of this unconditional and eternal love !

– elicafrank

Let me paint you a picture🎨

If I painted you a picture, i would make it look like –

There would be swirls of a color matching to your eyes, there are no names that we could create that can describe the complexity of that color. The gentleness of that color. The dangerous gleam and glow of that color.

There would be wisps, like strands of clouds, dancing throughout the page. It’d be the soft color of your hair. A mesmerizing tango of various hues of honey and bark.

I’d create a new art style to fit the sound of your voice. It’d be dark and tempting, lustrous and beautiful. A ballad that no musician could compose.

If I painted you a picture, I’d laminate it with fire and glass. Because you burn to the touch and cut with a temper. Because you’re see through without knowing it. Because you keep me warm. Because I love you, and if I painted a picture it would have to be as warm, as temperamental, as sharp and as clear as you.

But i wont paint a picture of you because no great artistic skills would do justice to the beautiful deatils in you ❣️

-elica frank

Quench of expression

Everyone has made mistakes. Everyone has wasted years. Everyone has their own regrets. And you and I are late bloomers in passion and in healing. We don’t need to compare our progress to anyone other than ourselves. We are what overcomes us at the present moment. We are not prisoners of our pasts, but we are pioneers of our futures.

please, let’s not stop writing poems, painting, and making music because this is what we love doing because we’re artists. Each and every single one of us is a revolution in the flesh conquering the tyranny of regret and despair. Each and every single one of us are heroes that make the world a better place through healing ourselves through our art. Yes, we are going through our quarter-life crisis, but that’s not going to stop us from creating and healing while there’s still air in our lungs and blood pumping through our hearts.

We are never too late to heal because we’re just getting started and we’re going to leave this place filled with hope and self-love.


when we’re immortalized in the sky, it will be side by side”

hope is a word I didn’t understand until I met you

because I never let myself be gifted something so precious

but you stormed in all fire and fight and I never had a chance

and the minute you said my name

part of my heart carved itself out of my chest

and dripping blood, just like my hands, gave those pieces to you

so as long as breath comes from your lungs

the feeling of hope will burn inside my soul

the thing that is made with echoes of you

and I know that home is not a place, it’s the sound of your voice

it’s the reassurance that flows in my body when you touch me

it’s the way I know that we’ll always find each other

oh, my beloved, the constellations are jealous legends

and they know that we are already rewriting them

so, yes, when we’re immortalized in the sky, it will be side by side”

-elica frank

Exclusively MINE

Everytime i sit to pen down somthing new, i end up writing only about you.

They ask me why him after all this time, 

I smile and say ” because he loves me as much as i love him and he gives me a feeling of entireness. ”  – And one thing I know for sure is that feelings are rarely mutual, so when they are, drop everything down, forget the expectations and disappointments, ignore the wrongs and stop the blame games – because this is it !

This is what the entire world is after and i have stumbled upon it by chance, by accident. The harder i love, the harder he loves. The harder i try, the harder he tries. The harder i push, the harder he pulls.

After all this time i have realised this is love to me and its one hell of a ride, i must enjoy, hold on tighter, scream and look further cause 

Its all MINE – the feeling the quest the person the love. EXCLUSIVELY MINE.



When I told him we are so different actually different aint even a word we are exactly opposite. He always said with his perfect smirk ” baby opposites attract , trust me we are just perfect.”

 But then with time..

 I realized that people grow and learn because of each other’s differences. People learn to appreciate other people because they make the effort to understand them and get used to their differences.

I learned that he and I got too comfortable with each other to the point where we thought that it’s okay for us to do these little things that we thought wouldn’t hurt the other. I learned that although we had so much in common, we still had so much different views and opinions. I learned that it’s wrong to pretend that you know or understand the other person in hopes of impressing them. I learned that in a relationship, it’s wrong to force myself into liking the same things as you do just so that it would seem like we still have this connection going on between us.

-elica frank

Self love feels

I want to write myself a beautiful poetry just like how I write for the person I’m in love with.

For once, I want to hold myself tight just like how I comforted my friends when they felt low and frustrated.

For once, I want to accept myself and my flaws just like how I accepted other people’s imperfection.

For once, I want to make myself happy just like how I cheer others when they’re sad and disappointed.

For once, I want to be appreciated for the good I have done and not judged by my mistakes.

For once, I want to give myself assurance that I can do things just like how I believe in other people’s capabilities.

For once, I want to love myself genuinely just like how I give love to other people who were there for me.

For once, I want to focus on myself, I want to rebuild what I’ve lost and to recover what I have threw away about myself, about me.

Today, I feel that putting yourself first was never wrong and will never be wrong, putting yourself first is another way of saying

 “I love me, I can do this with the help of myself”

-Elica frank

Mithe soul

 Don’t be fooled by me. Do not be fooled by the face I wear. For I wear a mask always, I wear a thousand masks. Masks that I am afraid to take off, and none of them is me. Pretending is an art that is second nature with me. So do not be fooled.I give you the impression that I am secure, that all is sunny and peaceful with me, within as well as without, that confidence is my name, and coolness with a “k” is my game; that the weather is calm and I am in command, and that I need no one and most of all my life is complete and I’m perfect.

But do not believe me. My outer surface may seem smooth, but my surface is my mask. Beneath my mask lies no peace, no quiet. Beneath dwells the real me: in confusion, in fear, in loneliness. But I do  not want anybody to know it. I panic at the thought of my weakness and my fear of being exposed. That is why I frantically create a mask to hide behind, to help me pretend, to shield me from the glance of other people, from your glance. So I play my game, my desperate pretending game. Outside, a mask of assurance. Inside, a trembling child. And so begins the parade of masks. I pretend to talk to you calmly, but that is only a surface talk. I tell you everything that is really nothing, and nothing of what is everything, of what is crying within me. So when I am going through my routine, do not be fooled by what I am saying. Please listen carefully and try to hear what I am not saying, what I would like to be able to say, what for survival I need to say, but which I cannot say. Loving family and a lost list of best friends, worried and concerned always for me. Guiding me when I need, being there for me always. Listening to my rants all night long – yet i feel lost and unsure to reveal my fears. I feel forced to fake this mask of perfection and satisfaction. Because no one actually wants to hold my hand and look into the emptiness of my soul. No one actually wants to hold my hand and help me overcome my guilt. No one wants to hold my hand and help me fight my fears. No one wants me to be me most of all. So i hide under this mask the real me wanting to be unveil.